Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Weightlifting Club.

Stroud Sports Clinic is constantly developing new services based on feedback from our patients. As requested, weightlifting club is now running every Thursday from 6pm at our Inside Football venue in Brimscombe, utilising our brand new Strength & Conditioning suite. This session will break down olympic lifting techniques to develop dynamic strength and power suitable for all athletic activities. 

The class has limited spaces available and will run in 6 week blocks. focusing on the required skills needed to learn and perfect each lift. Weeks 1-3 will develop technique and mobility necessary to develop the target lift, weeks 4-6 will focus on developing overall power and strength. Block 1 starts with the Clean.

Each block costs £30 for 6 sessions however you can start at any time. There is also an option to pay as you go.

So if you want to develop your Olympic lifts, brush up on your technique or learn some new skills, contact Andy directly for more.

email: kixxglos@hotmail.co.uk

Kung Fu

Now at Inside Football, Andy Cole  from Stroud Sports Clinic is running Kixx Kung Fu every Thursday from 7:30 until 9pm. Mixing traditional Chinese martial arts with a contemporary understanding of evidence based training, this class will develop flexibility, conditioning, pad work, self defense techniques, traditional forms and weapons. All combined within the fluid and dynamic movements of traditional Chinese Kung Fu.

The class caters for all levels and fitness, with 30 minutes of fitness and conditioning, 30 minutes of pad work and technique drills and 30 mins of traditional applications. There is a full grading syllabus available as well as courses and other events linked with Kixx Martial Arts. Classes cost £4.50 for each 90 minutes class or discounted monthly payments available.

For more, contact Andy: kixxglos@hotmail.co.uk

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spinal Stabilisation Corse.

Spinal Stabilisation Course.
Instructed by Jason Ford and James Stevenson.

This evidenced based approach to core stablization using bio feedback has been very popular and effective for many of our lower back/neck patients.
Our 3 stage approach will stimulate the nervous system, engage correct deep tissues in an controlled environment using a bio feedback monitor.
The course is taught one to one over a 2 month period with the emphases on the patient using the exercise prescription for home care. Once the patient has achieved stage 1, the next stage will be taught  and prescribed until the patient is ready to finally undertake stage 3.
This low cost approach to prescribed home care is very safe and effective with a migration to our Clinical Pilates for ongoing professional group exercise.
Costs; £90